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.: Welcome To Forged Space!

Long after the wars between man and machine. Long after the destruction of Earth by the Rebellion and the dismantling of the old Core systems 'Forged Space' was created.

On the edge of known space civilisation attempted to bring itself back to life. Kicking and screaming for the most part. The rule of Law was almost non existent. Privateers preyed on everything and everyone. Most ships were nothing more than hobbled together spare parts. Humanity was a dim distant memory in most captains minds.

Would anyone wish to be cast out into 'Forged Space'?

Many don't survive the first few days. If their fellow Pirates don't kill them the hard life and complete and total vacuum of space will do the rest. But for some it seems the taste of blood and the price of victory through someone else's misery is in fact a joy to behold.

So if you think you have the nerve and want to carve out your own corner of the universe sign up! But be warned life in Forged Space is not to be taken lightly.

.: Forged Space Features

Forged Space is a role playing game with a sci-fi theme. Level up your character by committing crimes, mugging and attacking other players, and taking part in the other activities available. Upgrade your cybernetics to improve your stats and increase your success rates in crimes and attacks.

Commit crimes on the promenades, or buy a ship and take part in space based crimes. Open a bank account so that you can stash away your hard earned cash to keep it safe from attacks. Perhaps you would prefer to spend your cash in the casino, or buy enzymes to grow for profit.

Join a guild, or create your own and take part in the power struggles on the promenade. Which guild will be the strongest?

If you get caught when committing crimes, you will be sent to the detention centre. You will be held in lock-up until your sentence completes, or another player breaks you out.

Get stretchered to the med station if you lose a battle. Use miracle cure, or bide your time and wait on the medical staff to heal you.

Communicate with other players through the private messaging system, or take part with the community in the Forum or Chat room.

Buy and equip armour and weapons that will help to protect you from attacks, or make you stronger when you are the aggressor. Earn points by voting (or by buying Premium Days) which you can spend on recharges, and various other items.

Rent some accommodation to increase your stats, making you more powerful. Buy droids or take a job on the promenade to earn a passive income. Level up and move from planet to planet either on the shuttle, or if you have one, your own ship.