> Server Time: December 01, 2022 6:59:31pm
.: Welcome To Forged Space!

Would anyone wish to be cast out into 'Forged Space'?

Many don't survive the first few days. If their fellow Pirates don't kill them the hard life and complete and total vacuum of space will do the rest. But for some it seems the taste of blood and the price of victory through someone else's misery is in fact a joy to behold.

So if you think you have the nerve and want to carve out your own corner of the universe sign up! But be warned life in Forged Space is not to be taken lightly.

.: Forged Space Terms & Conditions
  • When you sign up and play you are acknowledging that you have read and accept the terms and conditions outlined below.

  • Accounts left inactive for more than 365 days are removed from the system on the next maintenance run.

  • Forged Space have the right to change the terms and conditions at any time

  • Payments made to Forged Space are for virtual products, and as such are non-refundable; charge-backs are grounds for account cancellation.

  • You are wholly responsible for the security of your game account. If the security of your computer is compromised, we will not take responsibility for any damage caused by unauthorised access of your account.

  • Forged Space will not contact you via email in any way, except to inform you of status changes on any bug reports you file, purchases made through the official store, or official notifications regarding your account. We take privacy very seriously, and will not under any circumstances share your account details with any other third party.

  • We encourage you to promote Forged Space, though employing any of the following will result in likely termination of your account: spam, bulk mail, bulk forum postings, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and unsolicited instant messages.

  • We reserve the right to refuse accounts to anyone for any reason.

  • Forged Space provides means for users to communicate with each other. The users are wholly responsible for the content of their communication. Any offensive communication in any way may result in account termination.

  • Disrespectful or abusive conduct toward the game staff will result in account termination. The judgement of GM's is final, and any complaints must be presented respectfully by email to accounts@forgedspace.com.

  • Any attempt by you to access the server through any means other than that designed, decompiling or 'reverse engineering', usage of exploitive code methods is forbidden.

  • Any exploitation of a bug for personal gain is strictly forbidden. Sharing these exploits with other players will result in immediate account termination. You are required to report bugs or exploits through the proper channels.

  • The use of any type of software which hides IP address, with the express purpose of avoiding our IP detection system, is forbidden and will likely result in account termination.

  • Players may not use any type of bot or script that imitates a human interaction in the game. The automation of game play is not allowed in any form and accounts found using these methods will be blocked.

  • The use of one account by multiple users (account-sharing) is strictly prohibited and will likely result in account termination.

  • Any complaint or enquiry relating to an account will only be divulged/discussed with the account holder.

  • You are responsible for your account and its login details. Relating your login details or 'loaning out' your account (allowing others to login as yourself) is strictly forbidden and will result all participants having their accounts frozen.